Collecting Laurel & Hardy

Props & Wardrobe

Ollie’s Way Out West pants, Stan’s Sons of the Desert fez, suits from The Bullfighters and more!
Collecting Laurel & Hardy

Toys & Games

Laurel and Hardy Movie Moods Game, lithographed sparkler tin toys, Comedy Stars Movie Masks and more!
Collecting Laurel & Hardy

Posters & Autographs

Signed photos, handwritten letters, rare lobby cards, one-of-a-kind posters and more!
Collecting Laurel & Hardy

Ceramics & Figurines

Beswick salt and pepper shakers, Royal Doulton figurines, bronze lamps, ceramic decanters and more!
Collecting Laurel & Hardy

Collecting Laurel & Hardy

by Danny Bacher & Bernie Hogya

A celebration of the legendary comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy through collectibles and memorabilia, this definitive (and humorous) 9"x12" hardcover book features more than 1,000 full-color images of items, plus the stories and history behind them. Chapters tackle the categories of autographs; props, wardrobe, and personal items; advertising and publicity; toys and games; figures; ceramics; books; comics; and so much more! Special featurettes add to the fun by providing information on the iconic duo’s experiences with fan correspondence, awards, magic, animation, lost films, and even their work with animals. It’ a veritable museum in print and the ultimate tribute to one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedy teams.

Coming from Schiffer Books on November 29, 2024, Collecting Laurel & Hardy is available for pre-order everywhere you buy books. With a Foreword by film critic, film historian, TV personality, writer (and Laurel and Hardy lover) Leonard Maltin. Reserve yours today!

A Wide Assortment of Treasures

Filled to the (bowler hat) brim with rare and desirable memorabilia, Collecting Laurel &Hardy offers a tour through the world’s largest assembly of Laurel and Hardy collectibles in one place, making it a veritable museum in print and the ultimate tribute to one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedy teams.

Danny Bacher & Bernie Hogya

About the Authors

Danny Bacher is a singer, saxophonist, songwriter, and international touring and recording artist with three critically-acclaimed studio albums. He began collecting Laurel and Hardy memorabilia at the age of five, and has since amassed one of the world’s largest and most important private collections. He lives in New Jersey.

Bernie Hogya is an accomplished creative director. One of his advertisements is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution. He co-created the famous milk mustache campaign, which led to the publication of The Milk Mustache Book, a New York Times Best Seller. Bernie founded the Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project ( He lives in Delaware.


Laurel & Hardy Autographed Photo

Photo signed and inscribed by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (ca. 1930s)

Stan Laurel's Sons of the Desert Fez

Fez worn by Stan Laurel in Sons of the Desert (MGM, 1933)

Babes In Toyland Title Lobby Card

Title lobby card for Babes In Toyland starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (MGM, 1934)

Laurel & Hardy Ceramic Figures

Ceramic figures of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy by John Hughes, from World of Groons (United Kingdom, 1992)

Laurel & Hardy Wooden Puppets

Laurel and Hardy carved-wood puppets with fabric clothing (ca. 1930s)

Laurel & Hardy Salt-and-Pepper Shakers

Porcelain salt-and-pepper shaker busts in the shape of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (Australia, ca. 1930s)

Oliver Hardy's Way Out West Pants

Blue denim jeans worn by Oliver Hardy in Way Out West (MGM 1937)

Laurel & Hardy Tin Toys

Lithographed long-leg sparkler tin toys of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy from La Isla (Spain, ca. 1930s)

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